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For Educators,

families, mentors, coaches, librarians,

mimes, motivated students, bored goalies, 

lifelong-learners, pioneers, reading groups,

evolving primates, preternatural cats, aspiring kelps, repentant villains,

homebound poets, and extremely ambitious rocks

If you're like us, you love playgrounds.

And guess what. 

This website is a playground! 

I mean, this website is like a playground.

But it's for stories. And pictures. Also boats. Lots of boats. Did you know that mariners traditionally kept weasels aboard? The weasels chased off the mice.

Scratch that. Neat Lesson is a laboratory. Or, a kitchen? Really, have you ever

seen an ant colony? Kind of like that. An ecosystem of rambunctious ideas. Did I say ant colony? I meant an artists' colony. Sheesh.  

Your Invitation

Our family likes to explore and goof around. We're always looking for something new to do. Lately we're spending a lot of time at home. You too?

We'd love you to join us in this experiment. If you sign yourself up for our little club, you'll be able to participate behind the scenes, and have access to features beyond those on the regular site. Joining is free, and it's fun.

The Peemsht Project

The centerpiece of this site is an untitled story in progress, The Peemsht Project. It's about a family and some friends at sea.

An Educational Miscape

In case the URL didn't tip you off, Neat Lesson is also meant to be a weird sort of education. If you're able to explore these pages without learning something, I'll be surprised.

That's not a fancy claim. If there's any curriculum here, it's a silly one. 

That said, many of the best lessons I've learned, I've learned by mistake. In Neat Lesson, I'm about to make some doozies. And this time, sweetheart, I'm bringing the family with me. 

Thank You

This little universe won't expand in a straight line. Everything is subject to change. New avenues will continually appear, new forks to choose, new lines in which to color, new colorful stars by which to navigate. We're so glad to have you along.

By the Way

If you're feeling lost, I do recommend navigating by the stars. You may not end up feeling any less lost, but the kids and I are putting  careful attention into the coloring of each one. 

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