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The Peemsht Project

The Peemsht Project is the story you came here for. It's a book, a rather long story -- a novel, really -- in progress, but backward. 

Characters we love will disappear from view. At times, each one will become ridiculously frightened. They may not even be able to move themselves out of harm's way. However, in a story set at sea, a maritime tale such as this, everything is always moving, always cresting and falling and bobbing and surging. Nothing stays stuck. Even a simple message in a simple bottle will inevitably arrive on a future shore.

In the end, we're all going to get somewhere. Sharks and storms. Liars and turncoats. Rocks and caves. Nightmares. Hunger. But also? One heroic weasel! The most beautiful blue hues you can imagine. Old friends! And, too, we've got ourselves. We'll do all of this together. We begin with The Afterward . . . 

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