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Stop. No, seriously. stop!

Are they gone yet? The growns?

You know. Like groan-ups?


That's right I said it!

I got your double entendie right here! 

Cut. It out. This is the twee-est, fey-est, dare i say? gayest excuse for a, wait, what is this? YA Novel? 


If your teacher is making you read this, stop now. I read the whole thing. It does NOT get better. 

LET ME SPARE you. (i mean, Not like it's hard. So Pre.Dic.table!) If you Have enough brains to Heart on an instant classic like "virous fo yo Mommy's Pewter" you'd ace the Comprehension questions. But I've been all over this thing so you don't have to. And if your teacher's got some quirky "you better double-read each chapter so you get every detail" pop quiz I can help you there, too. 


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